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DoubleUp is an alternative strategy to “hodl” and is specifically engineered for crypto/crypto trading: this means you always keep cryptocurrencies. If you opt for crypto/fiat trading that will not be the case, because if crypto prices go only up, you will end up without crypto and with more fiat.

No crystall ball required

DoubleUp is an algorithmic trading application, designed to beat the strategy of merely holding your assets and in essence to beat the market.

Unlike all other trading algorithms, software and bots, which believe they can predict the future based on what happened in the past, we stripped the trading algorithm of all the model predictions and what was left was a simple and universal rule: buy low, sell high.

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I always know how much I can make in each run of the algorithm, the only unknown is how quickly this return is generated. Paul Gagne London


We believe in our product so much,
you only pay a fee when profits occur.

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Free fee credit for no­-risk trial.

*Fee will be charged only on each profitable reset

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Free fee credit for no­-risk trial.

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We take security seriously

In order to be sure that you're the only one controlling our app, we're using industry standard SSL for encryption and industry leader auth0 for identification. And of course we keep a vigilant eye on our servers.

Also keep in mind: We never have access to withdraw your funds, DoubleUp only opens and closes orders for you. The exchanges either don't allow transfer of the funds using the interface that we're using by default or you can limit this access on the exchange.



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