Frequently asked questions

What is DoubleUp?

DoubleUp is a digital application that allows you to implement a crypto trading strategy in your own Bitstamp account. The trading strategy will over time increasethe quantity of your selected crypto currencies.

Who is DoubleUp for?

If you didn’t buy a significant amount of Bitcoins when the price was very low (ie.before 2016) and you want to increase the number of cryptocurrencies then DoubleUp may be for you.

What DoubleUp does?

Double up will split your funds equally between two selected assets and when the price moves it will buy the cheaper currency with the more expensive currency. When the trend reverses it will split your funds again and you will end up with moreof both currencies. All is done automatically and DoubleUp will restart a new cycle after one finishes. Keep in mind that price volatility can change quickly and significantly. This means that sometimes it may take some time even months before the cycle reverses while other times cycles finish within minutes.

What do I need to use DoubleUp?

You only need a Bitstamp account and at least 500 EUR equivalent ona selected Bitstamp subaccount.

How do I use DoubleUp?

You only need to select a currency pair, select the range and hit start. Please visit Help for more information & instructions.

How much will I make?

Remember, no-one can guarantee returns with certainty except if you wish to make abank deposit and earn 0.1% per year in EUR. The return in DoubleUp depends onthe price movement of selected currencies. On average the users of DoubleUp have increased the amount of their currencies by 0.169% per day. This translates to 85% compounded per year. Please keep in mind that past performance is not indicative of future performance.

What if all markets continue to go down?

DoubleUp will still make sure that you end up with more of the selected currencies that you began with. For example, between April 2018 to November 2018 the price of Bitcoin fell by 16% versus EUR and DoubleUp still increased the quantity ofBitcoin by 26.7% translated into EUR this means an increase of 5.6% in EUR.

How do I setup a Bitstamp subaccount?

Please visit Help and follow the instructions. Instructions are available on Bitstamp.

Do I need to send my funds somewhere?

No, DoubleUp connects to your account at the exchange - Bitstamp in our case. If you don’t have the Bitstamp account you can open one at

How do I pay the trading fee?

After you sign up, you will receive your own Ethereum wallet account where you will deposit Ether. You will receive 0.25ETH fee credit and 0.25% trading fee will be applied to transactions. This will be deducted from your DoubleUp wallet at each reset. You can use the withdrawal function in Bitstamp to deposit ETH to your wallet. Bitstamp allows transfer of ETH without any fee. Alternatively, you can send ETH from any other wallet you own.

Can I withdraw ETH from my DoubleUp wallet?

Yes, you can withdraw ETH at any time.

Can I use my DoubleUp wallet for other transactions?

Yes, your wallet is your fully functional personal ERC20 wallet and you can use it for any transactions.

Where can I see my wallet balance?

You can see the balance through the DoubleUp application or at any Ethereum blockchain explorer such as or